Hands-down the best spaghetti I’ve ever had with hands-down the best person I could have shared it with. Happy 1.5 @happyaccidentic! #scarpetta #nyc #pasta #scottconant #foodporn (at Scarpetta)

Is it too meta to get a paisley pocket square to match with my suit jacket lining?

(Yes I’ve been obsessing for days over a frickin pocket square for Saturday. I’ve only got one shot at this. ¬†Success is my only motherf****** option, failure’s not! /Eminem)

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Final turn up before NYCAASC. Thank god for my Shanghai friends.

Newfound appreciation of In My Own Words.

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Was gonna write something introspective for my 3000th post, but nah.

NYCAASC.  Check out the archive footage and production values of our teaser.