Someone I met through NYCAASC is dating Dale from Top Chef/All-Stars.

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty jealous. Of her. Can you imagine the home-cooked meals? Or screw that, the personalized restaurant-cooked meals?

(Ain’t nothing wrong with your cooking, H! Dale is pretty badass, that’s all)

Yeeun - HA:TFELT [핫펠트(예은)] Mini Album <Me?> Teaser

Oh my goodness

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Pirating recent LSATs because this is what my life has come to.

I hated hard on Adidas for their “All In or Nothing” World Cup slogan because it didn’t make any sense. But does it now? Yeah, kinda. I think.

Boarding the train to redemption. First class finally over! #lsat


Suit styles ten years apart

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As the summer passes by, I’m getting self-conscious with my future plans. You know what I must sound like to just about everyone? That safe Asian boy fulfilling his parents’ desires for his success. Don’t worry, I would think that too if I were you. But is that really all I’m destined to be? (That would be such a fucking buzzkill.) I’m grateful that I have the luxury of receiving post-grad education and of not having to jump into the workforce immediately out of college. I’m grateful for my family’s faith in their investment in me, no matter how much to the contrary they tell me on a daily basis. But law school wasn’t their desire or handpicked selection for me; they never once expressed, at least to me, what they wanted me to do or be. This is all me, my choice.

So whose expectations am I catering to? Perhaps no one’s, but I still feel like I am, and that’s not good. I had (or maybe I still have) the freedom to dream up anything for myself, and I came up with something that seems so sanitized, so vanilla, that I might as well have been raised in one of those situations. I do have other dreams, but this is the one I’m committed to for now.

Brennan, are you dreaming enough? If this is still something you want, can you hold on until it’s within your grasp? Are you strong enough to be patient? Well, conscience, we’re gonna find out soon.



Swear to god this looks like my last internship boss

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young OG




Thank you to Houston fans, media, Rockets staff, coaches and teammates for the last 2 years! Sad it never went, or ended, the way I had envisioned it to, but God always has a perfect plan and I’ll forever cherish that chapter of my life. Im SO blessed to join the Lakers and cant wait to get started!!! #purpleandgold #calikid

Playing in the largest AAPI market helps and it’ll be interesting him play with Jordan Clarkson (if he makes the team)While pundits are saying this gives Lin a shot a more playing time and possible starting spot, there’s a bit of a logjam at point guard for the Lakers. If the Lakers do keep Steve Nash in order to avoid having part of his salary on the books for next season, it will almost assuredly force the Lakers to waive either Clarkson or Kendall Marshall before the season begins.

Bruh you from the Bay, don’t make that nasty-ass LA sign.

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