Was gonna write something introspective for my 3000th post, but nah.

NYCAASC.  Check out the archive footage and production values of our teaser.

Shit don’t come with trophies, ain’t no envelopes to open. I just do it cause I’m sposed to.
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#NYCAASC14: Roots. April 26. Get on this. #nyc #asianamerican #student #conference #newyork #apa #api #apia #nyu #newyorkuniversity #columbia #barnard #cuny #suny #fordham

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Life taking a backseat to NYCAASC. (As it should be.)

I completely forgot that “senior week” tickets were all dumped online today at once, although it wouldn’t have mattered since they sold out in under 5 minutes.  As it is, I’m senior formal-less.  All these suits and nowhere to wear them. /Drizzy voice.  As frustrated as I am with “student government,” it’s really my fault for thinking I can just waltz in and buy my ticket whenever.  Now I’m left with the student scalper market, which makes me sick.

Conference is going.  Things are stressful, but shit, this is my third year.  I got this.  We got this.  Not to say I’m on autopilot here, but I’ve been thinking a lot about post-conference business (ie board restructuring, succession); a LOT of things to consider.  Random fact:  I’m the only returning person from last year’s directing team.  I honestly never realized this until today, when I was looking at 2013’s program while writing my bio. It speaks to how good the staff’s been and how well we’ve been able to plug in this year’s directors and move along as if nothing’s changed.

Have I mentioned how amazing it is to have H there?  And not just having her there for the sake of having her there; she’s actually into this.  That’s worth the grind in itself.

18 days until NYCAASC.  It’s a wonderful thing.  It’s a wonderful life.